Rhianon Thomas Doerflein

December 16, 2001 ~ January 1, 2002


For sixteen days our treasure
Now bonded to our souls
Time in life with memories
Forever will console

No words in life are written
Than what's upon the heart
For us you were a masterpiece
God's finest work of art

We hold you now forever
Within our hearts you stay
Days with you were sunshine
These special rays remain

Time throughout eternity
With wings so filled with light
Our precious little baby
Forever in our sight

Silken rain that falls now
That soothes the hurt and pain
Each day and our tomorrow
Will ease our hearts again

Gentle little precious one
You're never far away
Feel your love surround us
Forever and a day

Each breath in life created
Is gift that we'll always share
Forever it will linger
Just like a gentle prayer

Fly now in the heavens
Your wings are on a breeze
That comes to us with softness
Such beauty never leaves.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright July 6, 2002





Midi Entitled "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion

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