Through the window we can see
The life we shared as it should be
His smile and constant caring soul
Are treasured gifts that will console
His gentleness was always there
The gift of love beyond compare
In the circle of life we knew
His heart right there to see us through
We capture dreams within the heart
Knowing love had a special part
He always gave the very best
In all he did through every test
We lift him up with ease and care
Our hearts are joined in special prayer
For he is in our life each day
This will never fade away
As Angels lift him to the sky
A tear has fallen from our eye
But knowing him this journey blessed
With love and grace and happiness
Upon this earth we shed a tear
For wanting him to be so near
Now we know that special grace
Are times in life we can't erase
Looking down upon us all
Our treasured memories we recall
Life with you had greatest meaning
A thought we share that needs repeating
You were the height of life's expression
Through all our life and season's lessons
You'll always be the one who glows
In heaven's light your beauty flows.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright May 5, 2006




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On December 18, 2005, Philip Wayne Lowman died in a car accident.

He is survived by his Mom and Dad (Kenny and Connie) one brother  Jason,

wife of Jason, Alania. He was also survived by a niece Keely and nephew

 Kellen. The children adored their Uncle and will miss him terribly.


Philip was a firefighter, cardiac technician with local squads and

fire departments. He was working at a Paper Mill at the time of his

death. He had a wonderful personality and was quick witted and

everyone who knew him loved him very much.


He had recently moved out of his parents home and bought his own

and was in the process of fixing it up at the time of his tragic death.

He was an avid Virginia Cavaliers (Wahoo's)  fan. He had a lot of nicknames

such as Phildawg, P-Lo, and his license plates read PLOHOO.


Most of all he was a kind and considerate and loving human being.

One who was there when you needed him and always had a kind

word and caring thought for all of those who touched his life.


Losing someone like Philip in life has got to be the most difficult

realization for all. It's so hard to believe that in one moment he

is walking in your life and the next minute because of an

accident he is no longer here.


I got this information from Tonie, a friend of his for the past nine

years who wanted me to do a special page for him. It was easy to

write of him even though I didn't know him, just by seeing his smile.


To all those whose life Philip touched I offer you my sincerest sympathy.

To his immediate family I know that your heart grieves for Philip.

The memories that you share will hopefully give you some comfort for

the time that he shared with you on this earth. I know that it is

extremely difficult to loose someone so tragically and so fast,

there seems to be no time to understand "why" or how this could

happen. But in the circle of life we carry our treasured memories

and the spirit of his love stays with you all.


Below is a picture of Philip and his nephew Kellen right after he was

born. These children were so important to him.



I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all those

who have lost someone who they loved so much. My thoughts

and prayers are with you all.


His footsteps are left on this earth with all of those who walked

with him and his spirit shall go on forever in your heart.


With deepest respect

Francine Pucillo











Midi Entitled "In The Arms Of The Angels" by Sarah McLaughlin

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