~ Heart's Tender Memory ~
Dedicated to
Downard Virgil Wilson
July 22, 1924 ~ November 6, 2001

So many years you shared with us
They're never quite enough
Today the day you left the earth
This silence seems so much

Each year of tender memory
We always will recall
The way you knew just what to do
To make us stand so tall

So many things we think about
With smiles upon our face
We'll take good care of Grandma now
With love our hearts embrace

Years in life you shared with us
It fills our treasure chest
With all the good within our hearts
Each one of us so blest

These days in life they come around
They drift by very fast
Each day of life you're here with us
Then sadly comes the last

Remembering the touch of love
The way you cared each day
Instills in us the kind of love
That never fades away

You gave to us so many gifts
In life that we now know
Watching as your gentle hand
Was worn with age but glowed

Your place is here within our hearts
That's were you'll fit the best
We'll carry you within our souls
As we place you now to rest.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2001





Midi entitled "Whispers of The Heart"

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