You'll always be the hero
Who lives on in our hearts
One who meant so much to us
Someone who never parts

Time it seems goes on and on
It feels like yesterday
I felt your love enfold me
In such a tender way

Memories of long ago
They live on through the years
Smiles and all your gentle ways
With constant love appears

Thoughts of you forever
Are placed where they are blest
Within the soul of each of us
The ones who loved you best

Within my life you enter
With thoughts of love sincere
I smile as my heart whispers
I know that you are near

Each day in life that passes
I look up to the sky
I know that you are watching me
From Heaven's cloud on high

Thoughts of you bring rainbows
With colors warm and bright
Each memory is warming
That fills my life with light

My rainbows now are better
The colors filled with pride
Because I saw them Daddy
When you were by my side.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright August 14, 2003

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