Times we will remember

As years in life shall pass

A moment of your presence

Within our lives will last

You were the sweetest flower

The brightest of bouquets

Your colors were so vibrant

You took our breath away

We each of us were honored

To have you in our life

A touch of morning sunshine

The glow of dawn so bright

The heart of love that's giving

It touches us each day

A place for us to celebrate

The love won't fade away

We will not forget you

And all that you have meant

For minutes turned to hours

That always were well spent

Laughter fills the hallways

Echoes fill the heart

The love in life we carry

No never will it part

For friendship ever golden

It follows through the years

In memories of laughter

And yes perhaps some tears

Now you walk the Gardens

In Heaven's light Divine

Sitting with the ones you loved

The Gift that God designed.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright March 22, 2004



In memory of our friend Pat Whitton who passed away

quietly in her sleep. I met Pat years ago when her son

passed away from Aids and developed a wonderful

heartfelt friendship with her. As time went on several

of us joined a group of ladies who were in contact

through the years. I was proud and still am proud

to know that in this little group of friendship, Pat

was indeed a "Pearl" of life to many.


We extend our condolences to all her family

members and all of those who ever walked in

her path, as it was a path that was blessed

with love and caring always.


That's a wrap Pat ~ Love you Fran





Treasured Emotions by Francine



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