Odessa A. Nason

May 23, 1912 ~ August 17, 2002

In Her Ninetieth Year

Years on earth where many
Our hearts they still will grieve
For every moment with you
Was precious love received

Time goes by so quickly
Still so much to say
Each day we all will miss you
In a very special way

Mother's love is constant
No matter what we do
Each day in life our memories
Will keep us close to you

We know that you're in Heaven
With family you are there
Joined in sweet reunion
Sending us your prayers

Within God's Precious Garden
In City of His Love
Angels now surround you
In sparkling skies above

In life we shall remember
The memories you gave
Upon our hearts these treasures
Forever will be saved

Our wish for you as always
That you will feel God's Love
With Angels there beside you
The joy and beauty of

Sunshine that will follow
Wherever you will go
Happiness will fill you
Within God's constant Glow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright August 17, 2002

Midi Entitled "Alleluia"

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