Dedicated to My Grandmother
Hortensia Marron

January 1, 1918 ~ May 14, 1992


So many memories tucked away
I save them for a rainy day
Whenever I am sad or blue
I look at sky and I see you

My heart has always felt your touch
Your tenderness was loved so much
Your gentle smile and caring hand
Now lacy wings at God's command

Right before my face I see
My kind sweet Grandma loving me
Reaching for me from the sky
I never have to say good-bye

What a gift she gave to me
Her heart of love I always see
In any mirror that reflects
I see a face I won't forget

A special angel flying high
Special colors in the sky
Sending down her sparkling light
Glowing in God's love so bright

What a treasured memory
The love I feel so endlessly
Reaching out like precious lace
Forever feel her sweet embrace.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright  2001






Music Entitled "Sky Song"

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