~ Love Forever Stays ~
Mitchell Horne Nienaber
January 30, 1991 ~ January 21, 1999

An angel up in heaven
With crown that he now wears
Looking at his family
With all his heart he shares

Love we all have gathered
Upon this earth our tears
Today he sends his blessings
His beauty now appears

Time may come and time may go
This always will be true
Each day a sweet remembrance
Of the little boy we knew

Today we think of you with love
Each day we always do
Remembering the day you left
Our hearts are still with you

Smile you wore the sweetest gift
It filled us with such love
Blessings fall with gentle grace
As Mitchell flies above

Forever in our gentle hearts
The place that he will stay
Whatever day in life we live
His love won't fade away.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2002


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Composition Entitled "Eclipse''

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