Dedicated To
Michael Wilkins

March 20, 1970 ~ February 6, 2001


The storm is finally passing
You left and said good-bye
Our eyes all filled with sadness
Each tear for you we cry

You fought with so much courage
Stayed close here by your side
Knew that you would hear us
You filled us with such pride

So softly as the rain falls
The day of life is done
We look upon this storm now
As peaceful light will come

For you are now in heaven
Forever at our side
With love and sweet emotion
Your heart in us will guide

Each one of us give tribute
For life you gave so true
Each memory is gathered
With love belongs to you

We look up to the heavens
With smile upon our face
The light of God's compassion
Will gather you with lace

His arms around you holding
So glad that you arrived
Welcomes you to heaven
He smiles as peace resides

Always he is with you
Just look to rainbow high
The eye of storm is passing
As Michael lights the sky.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000








Composition Entitled "Secret"


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