Within our hearts our baby rests
We hold him reverently
Forever while we're on this earth
His smile we'll always see

Little hands that reached out
The joy within his eyes
Every day we think of him
As we look up in the sky

Always held him closely
So now he'll always be
The song of consolation
Love's gentle rhapsody

Wings that span the earth now
Send precious melody
New dawn of day beginning
His light shines endlessly

God reached out to touch him
Brought him up above
Held him with compassion
Forever shows His love

Remembrances forever
They keep him very near
His light will shine forever
With hearts of love sincere

No day of life will go by
When we won't smile and say
If only for one moment
We're glad he came our way

Our little precious baby
With wings of love divine
Showers us with blessings
His love we will enshrine.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001








Composition Entitled "Traces'' by Bruce DeBoer


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