In life the roads we travel

The seem to have no end

But there beyond the sunset

Are many dearest friends

Those who gave great meaning

In every day of life

Who offered us such beauty

And took away some strife

Among the gifts of treasures

That we in life received

I think of our "Talltexian"

The love he gave with ease

A simple man of bounty

Who truly saw God's Light

Then shared it all with others

And made the love so bright

Who fought for his convictions

Who served his country well

Who gave his all with dignity

With so much more to tell

So now his voice is silent

His soul has left the earth

The sunset now is brighter

In Glory of  rebirth

We ask the Lord to Bless him

To watch us from the sky

Touch the hearts of those he loved

We'll never say good-bye

And yes we will remember

The days he shared with all

This man of life we treasured

In life he stood so tall.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 7, 2003




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It is with deepest sadness that I mourn the loss of my

dear and devoted friend Mike "Talltexian"

He was a man of great stature not only in a physical

sense but also in a "moral sense" ... His heart was

filled with love and caring that extended to everyone

in life who knew him. He was indeed a blessing on this

earth and a treasure to know.  My heart goes out to his

wife and family for the loss of this wonderful human being.


I  for one will always be grateful for knowing him and

always know that special feeling that I, as many others

were honored to call him "friend."


"That's a wrap Mike"

Job Well Done!

Love Fran


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