Each day in life I'm grieving
I want you by my side
The world it now seems quiet
Without love's precious guide

My heart it aches with sorrow
For just your tender touch
My arms are reaching darling
I love you very much

I see you strong with wisdom
My eyes are filled with tears
I need you here beside me
To chase away my fears

Gone but not forgotten
For in my heart you stay
Footprints left forever
Upon the earth each day

Love as it is written
You kept it so close by
I feel your spirit with me
I'll never say good-bye

For me you were the fortress
That soothed my very soul
The man who I admired
The one who made life whole

So watch me now my darling
As I complete your task
Your shadow always with me
Your spirit I will bask

Heavenly shades of  love forever

Cascading in God's Light

Falling down from up above

Your hearts joined in this flight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 17, 2003

There are no words that we can say

 To help you through this sorrow

Though he is never far away

His spirit brings tomorrow.

Forever in your memory
With love that you will share ~

Unspoken revelations
In consummate sweet prayers.

Our hearts are all now with you
As you move into his space
Showing us "his special way"
With love's sweet gentle grace.

We wish you the best Carolyn and hope
that in some way you will find peace and
happiness in knowing that "he is always close."

We never really die when there are those
who carry us on their hearts forever.
May you always feel the peace and love of
this wonderful and gentle soul, Michael.

~ Love Francine ~

Copyright June 17, 2003


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Midi Entitled "Do You Dream Of Me" by Michael W. Smith

Obtained from Steve Pegram Ministries


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