Each day a gentle heart song
Descending from on high
A peaceful sweet reciting
In breezes that go by
We hear those words completed
The "Heart Songs" now repeated
Each one of them your treasure
That in this life we measure
No sadness would destroy you
Your spirit flew so high
Throughout your life of obstacles

Your heart song's sweet reply




With goodness and with mercy

You taught with gentle thoughts
Your heart was your best instrument
With all the love you brought
And so our hearts are saddened
Because you've gone away
But treasures we can measure
You left on earth to stay
And we will feel your presence
Throughout our life each day
A child so filled with wisdom
With love so on display
Today you are the glory
That fills the azure sky
Writing on all rainbows
Whenever you fly by
Each day in life you gave us
A heart that knew such peace
Repeating in your sentiments
The love that was released
And so the day is over
The sun begins to set
Upon our hearts for ever
Your "heart songs" shall be left
Tears in life we gather
Are saved within your glory
Every word that you have written
Will be our "Heart Song's" story
Mattie you can hear us
Mattie you can see
All your words we treasure
Were heartfelt homilies
Now you're our protector
In Heaven's greatest sphere
Ambassador of "Heart Songs"
Whose heart we hold so dear.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright June 27, 2004

Mattie Stepanek the world's most inspirational poet
 and peacemaker passed on to a better life on June 22, 2004
Throughout his whole life he was an inspiration
to us all. He was known for his gentle heart
and caring for everyone in the world.
He was diagnosed with Dysautonomic
Mitochondrial Myopathy and lost a sister
and two brothers to this affliction.
His writing career began at three years old
when his thoughts were recorded about the
death of his brother. As the years went on he
would write parting words for each of those in his
family who he lost. His mother suffers from the adult
onset of this same affliction. If you would like to
read more about Mattie and his accomplishments
Please click below and go to his personal website.

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