Mary's Heavenly Journey

Mary Lucas

November 6, 1947 ~ June 7, 1992


An angel came to get her
With wings beyond compare
To hold her forever
Such beauty she now wears

With Halo bright as sunshine
With Wings of Lace and Gold
Her path in life now over
Now Heaven's Light to hold

Lived life to the fullest
With courage and steadfast
Each road in life was taken
With memories that will last

Her bravery and beauty
Was there for all to see
With generous sweet spirit
She gave so willingly

Upon the earth her children
Her precious heart she left
Each one lives in her spirit
With love each one is blest

So hard in life to leave them
But life on earth was through
She gave her all with dignity
With love and wisdom too

Forever she is with you
She never passed away
A part of her remains now
In every waking day

The smile within a memory
The twinkle of an eye
Each part of her belongs now
Each child her love's reply

Remembrances are gathered
Forever they shall stay
A piece of love remains now
That never fades away

Priceless are the footsteps
Left so carefully
Walk within the glitter
That shines so beautifully.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 30, 2002


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Midi "White As Snow"

Obtained from "Arlene's Christian Midi's"


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