Walking towards the Heavens
God's child leaves  floral path
Guiding as you walked it
To love that always lasts

Each day on earth you blest us
With joy and love you gave
With memories you've left us
The bounty we now save

Your heart so warm and tender
Your soul was there to see
Within your eyes of beauty
Your love came naturally

You walk within a Garden
That fills the eye with blooms
With rainbows ever after
Sweet love that now consumes

Meadows like in Ireland
In heavens gentle fields
Your gift of greatest treasures
God's Home is now revealed

So gentle is your radiance
That fills our life each day
You'll always be that gentle spark
That always comes our way

For us your were the beauty
In every day we shared
Our kind and gentle Angel
Who always truly cared

Our life has greater meaning
For now we'll always know
Your spirit now beside us
As windswept breezes flow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright July 22, 2003

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Midi Entitled "Mist" by Andy Klapwyck


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