In life we'll share our memories
We hold on with a prayer
Upon our heart a testament
The love is always there
Walking in the sand so pure
Or sitting with you near
I hear your voice and laughter
It resonates so clear
You'll always be a part of me
As days turn into years
I'll keep you always in my heart
Perhaps I'll shed some tears
Memories won't fade away
As treasures meet the day
I will always hold you close
You'll never fade away
So walk now in this peacefulness
Your soul now in retreat
Remembering with happiness
The hours we shall keep
My friend my heart my confidant
I see you everywhere
I smile and think it's wonderful
For all the life we shared.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 20, 2007

 Words from Denise

Regarding her Best Friend "Mary Jane"


My friend Mary Jane passed on December 15, 2006.

She died of complications from diabetes

(kidney failure). She also had many other illness's.

In 1984 she had a breast cancer but she

was a cancer survivor.


When she was born she had a hole in her heart

 which they were able to repair...

Mary Jane and I were friends

and neighbors for a life time.


Many evenings she use to call me and talk

 on the phone. We were also like sisters,

 trusted and confided in each other.


Mary Jane knew a lot about me and I about her.

She loved the summer cause we used to take trips.

We went to the beach, go eat at our favorite

 restaurant and sit on the side of the beach and

 just talk and talk. This  past September we

both went to Maine for the day to meet a special

 person whom I met for the first time. 

This person  loved Mary Jane.... 

She was saddened when I told her

about her death... Mary Jane use to  come

over to the house and visit with me and saw

the children I  use to baby sit, grow up.

My heart is till saddened and always will be

for her passing away.


If you would like to offer your condolences to

Denise, at the loss of her friend you can contact her

at the e mail address below.



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