The heart of a Mother shall always remain
In memories gathered in love we retain
 Hands soft and warm held firmly fast
Feel them forever it always will last
Heart warm and tender with love there to give
Moments of pleasures a Mother gives this
 Thoughts and remembrance throughout every day
Words of great wisdom forever they stay
Eyes that would sparkle so tender and kind
Things we remember shall last through all times
 Smile that will linger within our own face
A part of a Mother this love you embrace
Spirit to touch you when words are not there
Always a whisper of special sweet prayer
Love you forever and then when I leave
Hearts joined together with greatest of ease
Mother your beauty it is next to none
So gently embracing your life since it's done
 Speak to me softly in every sweet breeze
Mother I miss you ~ your love never leaves
There to sustain me as my life moves on
See your sweet beauty in every new dawn
You are beside me wherever I go
Your spirit is with me in soft winds that flow.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright September 15, 2005

This page done in memory of Beverly's Mom, Lois

who passed this life at the age of 67. Much too young

to leave this world. But as life goes on she will be

treasured by all those who knew and loved her.

She left a legacy of love for all who knew her

and were privileged to touch her heart and soul

while she was on this earth. Memories of her will

keep her alive. Although her physical presence is

no longer on this earth, her spirit shall live

in all those she left behind. I pray for that.

Her gentleness remains like a soft misty rain
that soothes you in treasures that forever remain.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright September 15, 2005


Lois and Daughter Beverly

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Midi Entitled  "Rain Forest " by Sujin Wonglakorn, Thailand

Obtained From Moose Midi's

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