The softest petals on this earth
Create the joy of one's "own worth"
For me that was a man who gave
His sprit we shall always save
His heart a blessing that we knew
The love we captured so brand new
For many miles his heart would roam
Words he wrote would find a home
That special place within your heart
Where all his treasures are a part
Each season in the life we share
His precious "Heart" is always there
For all these years my heart was blest
With petals filled with happiness
So roses are the gift we share
The love we feel cannot compare
Reminders of God's love exists
In every bloom of life persist
Knowing that this man was here
Life's precious gift is always near
So now in every scented breeze
I'll think of him with so much ease
Every rose on earth that blooms
Will honor him with love that looms
Life shall always be the same
For always when I say his name
My heart will fill with memories
Of love we'll share eternally
So I give you thanks and smile today
For I know you're never far away
Within our life you share a part
Of treasured gifts within our heart.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright August 12, 2005
First Anniversary In Heaven
"Our Beloved Mack"
We miss you and we love you
That's how it's going to be
You gave us love and caring
And did it naturally
In times of greatest sadness
I think of you and then
The world becomes a special place
Because you were our friend
I always shall remember
As years do come and go
How much you brought to everyone
With such a gentle flow
So rest in peace in beauty
As it's your right to do
For the world is so much better
By sharing steps with you.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright August, 2006
God Bless you Mack
You Will Always Be With Us


"Mack McGee" ~ a name synonymous with love, caring
and unending compassion left this earth August 8 and
now is united with those he loved in his own heavenly
garden of beauty. Looking down on us and smiling
reassuring those he loved that he will always be by
their side protecting and loving them from above.
 To know a man whose heart was as big as "Texas"
was the greatest privilege in my life.
He will always be remembered.
My deepest condolences to all those who now
go on without his physical presence. But his spirit
and love shall shine on forever, for his love was
constant and unyielding. God Bless you "Mack"
your life was a gift to so many and your
memory shall be etched on our hearts forever.
To Ruth and family I want to tell you personally
that Mack made such an impact on my life as a
caring and understanding man of the world.
His compassion and drive for others brought us
so many gifts in life that we will treasure.
I will miss his tenderness and caring but shall
always feel his spirit dwell in my heart.
My heart goes out to his wife, two daughters,
and his son. His grandchildren and great
grandchildren and all those who loved him.
Farewell "Mack" McGee
Job Well Done
~ Love Francine ~


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