Lorita Mae Beeson

October 24, 1942 ~ July 18, 2002

Times we can remember
Those we can't forget
Like petals of the Roses
So soft the dew is blest

Love and sweet compassion
Was always there to give
Sweet the heart of beauty
Abundantly still lives

In life she was the velvet
That flowed so endlessly
Each petal falls from heaven
With love eternally

Treasures that she left us
Within our heart are there
Joy in life she gave us
These blessings can't compare

Smile she wore so radiant
Heart she'd always share
Each one she held so dearly
Her spirit now they wear

Precious is the flower
That filled her heart with glee
Roses have great meaning
Her gift respectively

So see her in the garden
By Roses she is blest
Petals fall from heaven
Each one for you now left

Those of us who miss her
Just look upon a rose
Magnificent this vision
Her love for you unfolds.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 24, 2002


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Midi "The Rose" by Bett Middler

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