Each day in life has meaning
Because of what you gave
A moment of a lifetime
Are memories we save
For you were all we wanted
The love in life we knew
A treasury of moments
That keep us close to you
Each smile of love and caring
The softness of your heart
Within each life a blessing
Of which you were a part
No words could ever measure
The gift of life we shared
Each season was the beauty
Of joyous love compared
For us you were the hero
That lives within our hearts
The one who gives us purpose
For each new day that starts
You are always with us
A part of you shall stay
For we are all the beauty
Of love that finds it's way
In every day a moment
That helps us know your near
A smile a laugh remembered
In life it shall appear
So fly on wings of sunsets
That fill the world so bright
For you were all the glory
Of love you did ignite
Each day in life we'll miss you
Though deep within our souls
You fill us with the treasures
That always shall console
Our life had greatest purpose
With love that keeps us bound
For every breath you gave us
Your memory profound.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 19, 2005


My heart is filled with sorrow
As days now come to pass
The love I feel still flowing
Forever it shall last

I know that you are with me
That part of you exists
Within each tender mercy
Your legacy persists

Your smile and love created
The glow within my heart
A rainbow filled with treasures
Of which you have a part

Each year we spent together
Are wrapped in love and care
The part of you I'll savor
Your presence always there

Within the dew of morning
When quiet fills the land
I feel you always with me
And gently take your hand

Your chair in life not empty
Love's spirit eases pain
Just beyond the moon and stars
Our destiny remains.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 19, 2005


The above photo take of the Deckards on their

Fiftieth Anniversary


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