Krystal Nicole Miller
February 5, 1991 ~ March 11, 1999

Blessings fell upon us
With special child of ours
Krystal was our heaven
With glow of twinkling stars

Miracles she gathered
Smiles that she would share
Krystal's love so giving
Perpetually was there

No matter what her problems
She seemed to understand
Touch of those who loved her
She felt in tiny hands

Years on earth she gathered
The joy of all she knew
This precious little Angel
Her heart was there for you

Now that she's in heaven
Her wings are always there
Holding and caressing
Each one who gave her care

Running now and playing
On clouds so high above
Laughing so distinctively
The echo of sweet love

Her lifetime was a blessing
That always shall exist
Because of those who loved her
This beauty shall persist

Angels from the heaven
Born on earth below
Are here to teach us lessons
The love we all must know

Krystal was this Angel
Sent from heaven's sky
Her wings of lace so golden
Forever passing by

Grateful for her presence
In life and every day
Her Halo shines upon us
Her wings forever stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright August 19, 2002












Midi Entitled "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion



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