Kenneth Wayne Burden
October 8, 1954 ~ April 25, 2002


Angels came to greet him
God hugged him with great pride
Held him very closely

He smiled when Ken arrived

Angel's all were singing
On this most special day
Tributes to the songs he wrote
Were heard along the way

His life on earth now over
Today he made it home
The choirs up in heaven
Were playing tunes he owned

All of those who loved him
They look up to the sky
Grateful for his visit
Each day his wings go by

Always here in spirit
That's where he'll always be
In music that he left with us
Life's special harmony

Rest those who are weary
For Ken is smiling still
Looking down from up above
His life on earth fulfilled

Think of him like always

With smile so warm and bright

Today his day of glory

Within God's Golden Light

In heaven now composing
Songs with words and rhyme
His music always playing
Until the end of time.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright May 3, 2002





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