My precious little baby girl
I pressed her dress today
Lovingly with tears in eyes
Her mother's sweet bouquet

God my heart is hurting so
Why did she have to go
Our little girl with so much joy
Such sparkle and sweet glow

The one I held upon my knee
Our hearts are grieving so
No longer on this earth with us
Her gift God's bright halo

We miss her so with all our hearts
The way she gave us love
Her family now upon this earth
She watches us above

Left her heart upon the earth
Her baby boy her gift
To grow up strong and always know
His mother's heart adrift

Floating in the sky above
With love she now bestows
Special rose of love she'll place
With scent on each pillow

Always watching over you
With wings of softest lace
Hovering with all her love
With glow of special grace

Such joy within her soul we know
She's standing by our side
Helping us through all this grief
With beauty love abides

Never will she leave us now
She sends a rose bouquet
The petals falling soft on us
Forever and a day.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

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Composition Entitled "Every Night"

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