Joshua David Van Domelen
October 23, 1976 ~ May 24, 2001

Rain it falls like endless tears
Upon us there's a storm
Lost in sweetest innocence
The love that was so warm

Courage and devotion
His heart did always bear
Wisdom born in shortened years
The cloak he had to wear

Battle made with raging force
He gave to all his best
Living to his fullest
His journey of conquest

Night arrived too quickly
For one made of such light
Reaching for the mountain
His heart touched every height

Warrior of valiance
The heart of one so true
Battling his greatest fight
The love he gave to you

Reaching out to touch now
With soul that flies so high
Light that now will dazzle
Filling up the sky

Reflection of his beauty
Dancing on the waves
Crystal moonbeam patterns
Upon the tides engraved

In this life his victory
In days of life he wore
The beauty brave and mighty
That fills the endless shore

So rest in light of knowing
His life forever shines
Walking in your footsteps
The path he leaves behind

Memories are gathered
Carved so deep in stone
Through his life he gathered
The entrance to God's throne.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


"The heart of a soul that wanders by
Is the gift we will share on the wings that will fly."
~ Francine ~














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