Jimmy K. Waller, Jr.
May 26, 1977 ~ April 9, 2001

No prouder could a Father be
Than have a son like you
Joy you gave beyond compare
The love I always knew

Day you left it took my heart
Each day it goes so slow
Think of you a tear will fall
Just wanted you to know

In this life you were the best
You gave to me your all
Nothing more a Dad could want
My hero standing tall

All of those in life you met
Were touched by gentle spark
So many came to say good-bye
Upon them left your mark

Goodness came in life for those
Who knew of your great worth
Tears will fall as I recall
The first day of your birth

Short your years upon this earth
My heart it hurts me so
Walk my son near gentle streams
Where peaceful waters flow

Memories of you with me
Sustain me every day
Final one it touched my soul
These tributes never fade away

So many there to honor you
It made my heart just burst
My special son my special heart
My soul in you immersed

Sky is blue God's special hue
You take my breath away
Looking up I see you there
Life's gentle warming ray

Treasured gift within my life
You brought the greatest light
You'll never lose that special glow
You make my mornings bright.

~ Francine J. Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002













Words From The Heart

Excerpts from this written by Jimmy's Dad
Who adored his most precious gift in life "his son."


   Jimmy K. Waller Jr, born May 26, 1977, passed away April 9, 2001.

 He worked full time as a correction officer in a local prison. 

He also worked as an EMT in three different counties on his days off. 

His funeral was a spectacular testament to his life. 

His coworkers and friends came from all over

 to pay their final respects.

  After the services at the church the Life Line Helicopter

flew over the church  and dipped its rotors

 to bid a final farewell.
   His life was about helping others, and he did this very well.

Although in life he had a learning disability

he was the absolute best at what he did in a very difficult job.

  He made every one in his life proud to know him.



Midi "Only Time" by Enya

Obtained From Cursum Perficio

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