Jason Clifford Koehler
November 12, 1986 ~ August 12, 2002
Fourteen Years Nine Months

An angel fell from heaven
Within our life he came
Brought us love and courage
Jason was his name

Born with odds against him
So many years of pain
But always our tomorrows
Was blessed with silken rain

Jason was a special gift
God gave us from above
One who taught us every day
The meaning of pure love

The years that he was with us
Are treasures that he gave
For every moment of his life
His memory now saved

His eyes of blue so piercing
He was our special light
Fourteen years a miracle
That made our life so bright

Heart as pure as sunshine
He never would complain
Did the very best he could
Was much in life he gained

Beauty that was in him
Forever it will stay
Upon our hearts forever
His heart song we will play

Within the night I kissed him
He said a sweet goodnight
Morning went to wake him
God brought him to the Light

For all the years I held him
I know at last he found
His special place in heaven
With magnificent playground

So many times remembered
All wrapped in special prayer
My son went on to heaven
But always he is near

Hearts in life are broken
But healing has begun
For now we know our Jason
Has his chance to run

Looking down from heaven
With love within his heart
Knowing that we miss him
Our spirits never part

So hear our thoughts forever
Our prayers for you now rise
His special wings will hold us
With love from way on high

Just a piece of heaven
It surely came our way
For Jason was the beauty
That lives on every day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 31, 2002



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