Heidi Lee Johnson
April 13, 1981 ~ July 20, 2002

Always there beside you
That's how it's going to be
Together now forever
In love sweet memories

I could never leave you
I really couldn't go
My spirit now upon the earth
Within your hearts I glow

My wings are here to calm you
They give you peace and love
Feel them wrapped around you
Like softest clouds above

Softly in life's breezes
Protecting in the storms
My love for you a testament
My whispers soft and warm

All my precious family
I'll share your love each day
Wipe your tears I ask you
I'm never far away

Always there beside you
The way you were for me
My days in life were shortened
But heart brings rhapsodies

Arms of your own Angel
That soars within the sky
Flying in life's pattern
With peace and gentle sigh

Comfort in my blessings
I'm always standing by
Oh my precious family
I don't want you to cry

See my wings of glory
Hovering with love
Protecting you forever
With silken lace above

Stars are in the heavens
Sun is on the land
I am always with you
Feel me hold your hand.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright July 31, 2002





Midi Entitled "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion

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