~ Heidi's Special Dance ~
Dedicated to
Heidi Allyn Reed
March 19, 1979 ~ October 28, 2000

Dancing in the moonlight
With stars that shine so bright
My child of gentle beauty
She emanates such light

Gone from us so quickly
No time to say good-bye
Our souls forever grieve us
Our hearts forever cry

Beauty that was taken
In life our love she wore
Within the clouds of heaven
She's dancing now for sure

Music gently playing
She twirls amidst the moon
Catch a glimpse of heaven
Her love of all resumes

Above the clouds my angel
Her shadow always there
Her wings of love cascading
With love her gentle prayer

Never will I leave you
As I dance within the sky
Feel the breeze I send you
It comes from way on high

Gentle little whispers
That let you know I'm here
Dancing for you always
So you will know I'm near

Moon of night now glowing
Stars her perfect crown
Heidi bows to send a kiss
In royal flowing gown.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001




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Composition Entitled "Heart Dance''


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