Heart of our hearts
Love we can see
Remembered with kindness
That's how it should be

For you were the one
The unspoken prayer
Heart of great beauty
With love you would share

You fought with such power
Your light would ignite
Always with laughter
Such courage with might

So loud did you live life
What noise you did make
With laughter and love
For everyone's sake

Life now remembered
As your heart is near
It revels with laughter
Those echoes we hear

Love never ending
Treasures that last
These are your moments
That never will pass

Through life you were given
Such warm gentle wings
That turn now to heaven
With breezes that sing

We know you've been here
By blessings we share
We'll never forget you

Your love can't compare.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 7, 2003



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