Dedicated to
Daniel & Billy John Shamer


Hi Jesus, my name's Billy John
I've come to live with You
I'm looking for a little boy
He lives in heaven too

My Mommy she is very sad
We both just flew away
Stayed with her a little while
But had to leave today

Was very nice for You to come
An angel brought me here
Jesus can you tell me please
Is little Daniel near

You see my Mommy lost him
Before he left the sky
She said he was an angel now
That lives so way up high

My brother lives in heaven
So I won't be alone
I know we'll be together now
In heaven we will roam

Jesus said so lovingly
Daniel's here now too
The sweetest little angel boy
He's been waiting just for you

Then Billy said to Jesus
Do you have my special wings
Jesus smiled and said to him
Those Daniel now will bring

The wings you share are special now
They both are just alike
Billy John and Daniel's wings
Were made with special light

So come with Me I'll take you home
To the heavens in the sky
Daniel's waiting there for you
Your wings are standing by

So now you are together
For all eternity
Flying high above the clouds
Shining so brightly

Billy John he smiled and said
Okay now can we go
Daniel's waiting there for me
I want to see him so

Within the dark with stars above
Two angels flying by
Loving wings they send a kiss
So Mommy will not cry

Feel us always next to you
We're lighting up the sky
Sending down our special love
Our wings of love now fly

Jesus held him very close
He said now we must leave
Daniel waits impatiently
With golden wings he weaved.


Love you Mommy
Daniel & Billy-John


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001




Midi Composition Entitled "Lullabye"


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