Like trees in a forest

That reach for the sky

Our hearts filled with sorrow

Since we said "goodbye"

Our memories linger

Through every new day

Your love was so gentle

It always shall stay

Your heart warm and gentle

With so much to share

Our thoughts of you endless

With love that is there

Like soft gentle petals

Of roses that bloom

Your beauty sustains us

By love that's consumed

Our hearts filled with sadness

Since you left that day

We carry your spirit

As softly we pray

Remembering hours

That we hold so dear

Because you were with us

You'll always be near

Like breezes upon us

With soft gentle flow

We know that your presence

Will capture life's glow

In every new dawning

When sun fills the sky

With all of God's Blessings

Your love standing by

Watching us daily

With love you will share

Our hearts joined forever

In each reverent prayer

God Bless you and keep you

In skies that are blue

With gardens of flowers

Created for you.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright November 8, 2007


Florence Seder, 86 years of age passed away on October 31, 2007.

Leaving behind a legacy of love and caring for all those who

were part of her family. She was from Michigan and was married

to Lester who passed ten years ago.


Florence and Lester had one daughter, Sandra who had three

girls,  Kahlene, Nancy and Shauna.


I wrote this poem at the request of my great niece Luana and

my nephew Michael who wanted to do something special

for Kahlene and her family.


I hope I have captured the spirit of Florence for I can see

by what I was told that she was a very special lady.


To the family I offer my sincerest condolences and hope

that you will know that your beloved Mother and Grandma

lives on in spirit in your hearts and you will carry her with

you until the end of time.  Through your love of her,

the heartbeats that she created in life shall live on through

each and everyone who shared her time on this earth..


God Bless

Love Francine


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