When special angels walk this earth
Their borrowed time has so much worth
A smile that fills the heart with glee
That fills the soul with harmony
Each moment in their borrowed time
They fill your heart with love divine
For every minute we've been blessed
Our memories treasured are the best
So on this earth her path was made
With love she shared so many ways
With tender thoughts reflecting time
She'll keep our hearts in perfect rhyme
No matter what the pain we feel
The story of her love revealed
In smiles we save that give us hope
Her spirit lives for us to cope
So when you feel alone or blue
An Angel's standing next to you
To boast of all the joy she gives
In places where no pain shall live
In beauty and in God's display
New rainbows form in perfect rays
Of colors worn of gentle streams
That arch across the skies of dreams
There amongst the softest blues
With pinks and gentle pastel hues
There sits an angel known to all
Her name is Erin you'll recall
For on this earth she gave a gift
That keeps her heart of love adrift
Within a breeze that comes from high
Her warmth and love are passing by.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright March 29, 2005


Erin's Website http://erinarlene.tripod.com

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