Our moments together

Have all been defined

For love was the answer

With hearts all aligned

Our time on earth precious

The memories are there

With love and sweet moments

Such happiness shared

Your heart was the answer

For all that you gave

The joy lasts forever

With treasures we'll save

Each time that we see you

The vision is clear

The smile that is lasting

Shall always be near

You gave us the mountains

The hills and the plains

The gardens of beauty

In our hearts remain

No time or a moment

Could take you away

Our memories gathered

You made it that way

We'll miss you forever

And always feel blest

For you were our hero

With love so professed

We now know your walking

In places so grand

Filled with such vistas

Holding Mum's hand

Right now below you

Your family does grieve

Yet knowing your purpose

In life was achieved




In life we have gathered

The days we'll remember

We'll hold on forever

To joy and the splendor

The gifts that you gave us

They live in our hearts

The joy of all seasons

Will all be a part

Of each  precious moment

We gather warm embers

For you were the joy

Through love we remember.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 12, 2011


Words from Kate

"MyDadda Poppa Darley"

Eric Alven Fuller born 7th September 1920 in Orange, died

28th January 2011, he lost two brothers at a very early age

and then he lost his dad when he was 7. He had to care for

 his mum from such an early age. He joined the army when

he was old enough but only served 107 days when they discharged

him because his civie job was important to the war effort,

but he wasn't happy so left his job and went into the Air Force.

He served with the Americans in The Philippines and

also in New Guinea with the English. He got a Commendation

from the English Prime Minister, Gordon Brown a few

years back for his war service. He was a great guy,

 a wonderful dad and a heroic soldier.

Eric and his beautiful wife Beryl in 1994

sadly Beryl  passed in 1996

My Dad and Me

MyDadda Poppa Darley and Me

Rod, Dad and Pete

My Dad and my Brother

My Dad in Anzac March 2005

Message To Kate From Francine

To my beloved friend Kate. I want you to know

 how very much you are loved and how very

sad I am for the passing of your Dad. I know that

 your life with your parents was filled with love and

 caring and that your love for them will carry on forever.

It is so hard to lose your parents in life, no matter

how young or old they are, a piece of you leaves

this world and you keep the memories of the joyous

times, the hard times but most of all the love.


Your Friend Always Francine


I would like to acknowledge Bev, of Moon and Back Graphics

who created this absolutely beautiful graphic

 in Memory of Kate's Dad.

Click Here To Visit Eric's Beautiful Wife, Beryl Fuller's Page


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