When days are sad and lonely
When skies are dark and gray
We think about your beauty
It fills our hearts each day

Your softness and your kindness
The thoughtful ways you cared
Each moment of these treasures
In life you always shared

The smile you gave so sweetly
The softness of your face
These the things we think of
With love our hearts embrace

Like waves upon the ocean
That always come to shore
You touched us with your spirit
With love and so much more

No day will go in passing
That we don't think of you
We see you in each dawning
Life's special dreams come true

For you are always with us
No matter where you are
Within glow of heaven
Or shining with the stars

Our memories are treasured
With beauty that you gave
All these tender mercies
Within our lives are saved

Your life on earth a blessing
That all of us will share
With every waking moment
Your love is everywhere.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 19, 2003






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