Elexis "Lex" Nathan
~ In His 21st Year ~

Mother's tears are always held
With reverence from above
Held with deep devotion of
Her gentlest sweet love

Close my eyes I see you near
Upon a horse so grand
Running in the tallest grass
Touched by God's own Hand

Hear your laughter in the wind
The air so crisp and cool
Remembering you an easy task
My heart begins to fuel

Years the tenderness I saw
They're always at my hand
The days we planted daffodils
Our garden on this land

Petals bright that fill my heart
Will bring the sweetest tear
Remembrances I hold so close
Each year a new premiere

So free you felt within the crest
The wind that made you sail
Wave to carry back to shore
These joys make me exhale

Upon the surf you stood so tall
Such beauty I could see
I think about this every day
It all comes back to me

I gaze upon the water's edge
With joy within my heart
Waves that break upon shore
I see like precious art

Upon a wave you'll always be
The ocean's roar will blend
The memories of who you were
They all come back again

So ride the surf my special one
The water's crystal bright
Token of the blessings gave
Will get me through each night

Every wave that comes ashore
I'll know that you are near
Continuing the love you have
The touch of soft cashmere

Waves that roar will bring you home
When ocean meets the sand
Miracle of love that's blest
Beyond this life expand.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001




 Midi Composition "With All My Love"


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