Within the skies of heaven

Upon a different shore

Our Little Angel watches

With love and so much more

With wings that fly forever
On special clouds of Love
All soft with lace and sparkle
His heart now up above
Seeing all the beauty
Of Heaven's golden door
Made for Baby Angels
As sweetly they explore
Miles of so much beauty
Landscapes and sweet shores
Each little one now gathered
Watching us with awe
For there above the heaven's
Within God's special light
His babies all have gathered
To make our world so bright
Those who left us early
In peaceful clouds they reign
From now until forever
Each breeze in life's refrain
Echoes of their beauty
That reaches here on earth
For every Angel sharing
The joy of God's rebirth
Even though you miss him
He's with you every day
Dylan smiles upon you
With love he sends your way
On days when you are lonely
Or whenever you are blue
Look up to the heaven's
Dylan's there for you
God has made a promise
For all the tears we've cried
Precious Angel Babies
Within our hearts reside.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright December 2, 2004


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