Climbed these steps to heaven
The ones she so revered
Filled with all God's wonder
As angel's wings appeared

Twirling in a rainbow
With beauty she was kissed
Little Tammy greeting her
This moment perfect bliss

Arms around each other
Flying way on high
Laughing in the special winds
Angels gliding by

Mother walks with child now
In garden so unique
Flowers that will bloom in love
Two hearts no longer seek

Touched by love they give us
Message from above
Sending down a fragrance
A bouquet of sweet love

Hearts that now are saddened
Know that she is near
Soul of beauty gathered
Sweet music we will hear

Wings that lived on earth
Have left and said good-bye
Heaven brought this beauty
To travel way on high

Waving from the castle
With Tammy at her side
Love has been united
God breathes a special sigh

My special tribute for you
The face I never knew
Your heart that was so loyal
The portrait that was you

Fly sweet gentle angels
The sky in now your home
Rainbows are your passage
I'll never feel alone.


I Love You My Sweet Dee


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000








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