Life will bring us showers
But always bright tomorrows
For words are never ending
When hearts in life are mending

Rainbows have great meaning
Within all special seasons
For love is ever after
Remembering with laughter

Times we shared are treasured
Yes they are all measured
You filled our sky with rainbows
That constantly casts Halos

Those very special times shared
Are cherished with a sweet prayer
Angels now are singing
Because God gave you your wings

On earth we'll always miss you
But see you in the bright hues
For rain it brings new dawning
In every sun lit morning

To us you were the blessing

Within our life assessing

All your strength astounding

Your love is now abounding

Now you travel lightly

In rainbow colors brightly

Seeing you forever

Devoid of stormy weather

You were such perfection

Of courage with reflection

That makes us smile just knowing

How bright your Halo's glowing.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright January 14, 2004


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Desiree' was a very special gift in life to her family.

She was born in 1993 as a special Angel  to her Mom and

Dad who already had five sons. She was so special and

was the little girl her parents always wanted.  When she was

 five months old she was diagnosed with cerebral

 palsy so she struggled but nothing ever stopped her.


 She started school at three years old and loved

 it so much. She struggled all her life to walk on her own.

Finally two weeks before she died. she started walking

without the aid of her walker. She loved to go camping

and do all the things that special angels love to do in life.


She began getting ill about a year before she died. She finally

died of sepsis, a bacterial infection in her blood, her whole

family surrounded her while her Daddy held her until

she left this earth to earn her rewards in the heavens.

She was ten years old ~ forever young.


I would like to let her family know that they are in

our thoughts and prayers during this terrible time of

loss in their life. If you would like to offer your

condolences to her family you can contact them

at the following e mail address:





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