Beloved son of Evelyn Fort Stewart

Within a breeze you left us
Another path you made
Tomorrow gone forever
Though love will never fade

Hearts on earth all broken
No chance for sweet good-bye
You left without a warning
So many tears we cry

Years we spent now gathered
Like soft sweet misty rain
Lingers on within our hearts
With every life's refrain

Smile you gave so warmly
Thoughts of you will stay
Time in life our memories
Will write your yesterdays

You'll never be forgotten
Your road is paved with gold
With all the steps you've taken
Remembrances we hold

Light of our tomorrow
Will have a greater ray
Love will shine in distance
Your heart will light the way

Path that leads to heaven
Was waiting there for you
Footsteps we can trace now
Have left a golden hue

Fly on wings on angels
Touch the rainbow bright
Sky so filled with beauty
Was captured in your flight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 7, 2002



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