Petals soft upon a wave
A rose for each of you
Sent with love and tenderness
Kissed by life's sweet dew

Remembrances not far away
Within the heart you see
Reflections of my special two
Who meant so much to me

Each of you a treasured gift
In life that I could share
Always I could count on you
You were life's gentle prayer

Today a journey I did make
With roses in my arms
Each one a sweet remembrance
Like one of life's heart Psalms

Never shall I say farewell
You're always next to me
Walking on within this life
Our hearts joined endlessly



Each one of you now shares a part

Of  each and every day

Always I will hear your voice

The words of love you say

Time it seems it goes by fast

We lose so much in time

Having you within my life

Was truly God's design

With all the treasures in my  life

That seem to fade away

I can say with so much joy

You're with me every day.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright October 7, 2003


This page dedicated to my friend Vivian who in life had

two of her most precious  possessions taken from her life.

Her niece, Courtney in 1999 to a terrible accident

and during a long and difficult illness she lost her

nephew Greg, who was a wonderful human being who faced his

illness with courage and a smile. I would like to tell Vivian

That they are always with her in this life, always

guiding her with love and care.


Vivian went to a beach recently where she and Courtney

used to go and placed roses in the water in their memory.

This was not an easy task for Vivian as she is physically

challenged and has a great difficulty walking. I am so

 proud of you Vivian and love you so very very much.





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