February 23, 1979 ~ August 6, 2001

On the day I left you
I saw you all right there
Heart was filled with sadness
I knew I'd "Soon" be there

Had to meet Sweet Jesus
Tell Him it's okay
Ask for His Permission
To be with you each day

He smiled so sweetly Mama
He gave me pretty wings
Put me on a Pedestal
So I could see all things

Today I am with you
Each one of you I love
Watching and protecting
With stars that shine above

I thought I would write you
Just to let you know
My heart is always with you
Wherever you may go

The days on earth so perfect
Spending life with you
Surrounded by my family
You helped me make it through

Now I am an angel
That flies up in the sky
Resting on pedestal
That sits so way up high

Although I really miss you
I want you all to know
I'm in such a special place
With gentle wings that flow

You should see God's heaven
It's filled with so much Light
Love is always present
Within each day and night

Know that I am with you
With love and with a prayer
Your child is up in heaven
But always always there.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002

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Midi "To Go Beyond" by Enya

Obtained by "Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midis"



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