Treasures you have given
Left for us to share
Wrapped up in a special box
The love is always there

Smile so warm and tender
We see it every day
Thoughts of you stay with us
They never fade away

Time with you so precious

Each day blest with your love

Our hearts are always with you

Touched by spirit of

Tenderness and kindness

With gentleness and care

These the special gifts you gave

Forever they are here

Within our life these treasures

Are wrapped in purest gold

Memories we all shall keep

Within this gift we hold

Yes you were that treasure

That filled out hearts with light

Keepsakes that forever

Will keep your love in sight

With every day that passes

Your love of life we share

One moment of this pleasure

Will always keep you near

Smiling now with memories

The gift in life you gave

Wrapped up in the golden box

The love in life we save.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 10, 2003


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