Beyond Life's Bridge



Charles H. Johnson

September 27, 1928 ~ May 30, 2002

Words in life were spoken
That gave us peaceful glow
All memories sustain us
With love that you did show

Years we shared together
Forever they will bind
Each day in life a treasure
That kept us all aligned

We know that you're still with us
We feel you standing by
With memories we've gathered
On those we can rely

The smiles the tears and laughter
The precious years we spent
All as one our family
With love we represent

All that you have taught us
We hold so very dear
Love you shared with Mother
Shall always be revered

Our hearts are with you always
As time goes by you'll see
The love that you created
It goes on endlessly

All who came to meet you
Beyond the Bridge of Life
Smiled when you crossed over
We're glad to reunite

Upon this earth we miss you
But in our hearts we know
No matter what the sorrow
We'll have a place to go

When life on earth is over
When chapel bells will ring
We'll join you in the heaven's
As perfect life begins

See you in the morning
When sun is shining bright
Kiss you in the evening
When God whispers Goodnight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 1, 2002


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