Dedicated to Rob


I prayed to slip away like this 
I couldn't say good bye 
This my plan was so complete 
My soul has heaved great sigh 

Blessings that you gave to me 
While I was in your care 
These the gifts I'll treasure most 
Such blessings can't compare 

Never would I say good bye 
No ~ never wanted to 
I am always at your side 
These wings now guarding you 

Precious days we spent on earth 
The way you held my hand 
Comfort that you gave to me 
Your heart at my command 

So precious was our special bond 
That fate was very kind 
Now I know you'll see me smile 
Sweet memory divined 

See me as you walk ahead 
With cheerful blessed gaze 
Within my soul this picture of 
The love that was ablaze 

You touched me with a special grace 
While I was on this earth 
Remembrances of all these days 
Our friendship had great worth 

The road so clear I forged ahead 
I never looked around 
When the time had come to leave 
My soul was heavenbound 

So never weep for me my friend 
Within your heart I live 
Every breath you take in life 
My soul and yours captive 

Together we now walk in sync 
Our footsteps now certain 
Hold me close within your heart 
Our dreams have now begun 

When the day has come to pass 
When you have reached your goal 
I'll smile upon your gentle heart 
With joy that fills my soul 

I will never leave your side 
You'll never walk alone 
Within your heart is room for two 
That's where my spirit roams 

Bird that sings a morning song 
Sweet friendship's harmony 
Daybreak you will know this gift 
Life's call your treasury 

Nesting deep within your heart 
The place I feel carefree 
Keeper of my precious dreams 
Life's serendipity. 


Love, Brandon


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001





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Composition Entitled "Eternity''


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