~ Brandon Shane Rossing ~
July 8, 1982 ~ October 15, 2001

Each flower of the season
Upon our hearts we share
For Brandon was our flower
The gift of life so rare

Born with so much courage
Our special child of Light
Showed us so much beauty
In the journey of his flight

Found peace and consolation
In all things in his life
Each day had special meaning
He held on with delight

Family filled with honor
Always by his side
Proud to be a part of love
That Brandon could not hide

Found very special meaning
In words he used to say
Showed us how to compromise
When life took things away

Our gift in life so special
This heart of love we shared
For every moment with us
Nothing in life was spared

Like flowers in the springtime
When Roses bloom in snow
His heart forever with us
With very special glow

Upon the landscape always
Each flower that we see
The petals of our Brandon
Waving constantly

In life a gift is given
But then it's sadly gone
Brandon's memory treasured
As life goes on and on

Always hear your laughter
We hold you deep inside
For on this earth a treasure
His spirit never died.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2002






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