There always is a place for us

It's just around the bend

Where beauty is the place of love

Where joy will never end

I'll wait for you in special place

Where love in life will flow

In river of the land of dreams

Where days in life will glow

I miss you all and think of you

With love within my heart

The days on earth will carry me

With love that never parts

You'll always be a part of me

The part that gives me pride

Always in my thoughts you are

With love I just can't hide

The memories shall always stay

They live so deep inside

I carry them so tenderly

On the "other side"

Water filled with diamond glow

Flowers that are bright

A place to sit and think of you

With very special light

So know that I am always close

Forever I am near

Holding you so very close

So please don't shed a tear

We always have our memories

I know you miss me so

But I am in a better place

Where beauty overflows

One day we all shall meet again

Upon God's golden path

I'll hold you close and let you know

Our love forever lasts

Time I know is hard for you

But someday we will be

Together with the love we share

For all eternity.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 11, 2005


(Words for Billy by Francine

to his Family and Children)


Words From Billy's Mom
The following are words Billy's mom wrote to me regarding her son.

Billy was a sweet boy who became a tender man.  He loved his family and friends
and was willing to make any sacrifice to help when in need.  He enjoyed playing
with his kids and playing video games with his brothers and friends.  He loved

sports and played Little League when he was young.

His  leaves his wife Cori Cain. He also leaves behind four

 beautiful children; two sons, Jeryd(2), Cody(12) and two daughters,
Kendall(3), Meghan(13). They continues to reside in Lafayette, IN.


 Billy passed away from   from Bronco Pneumonia. He also suffered

with sleep apnea which is a serious medical condition where you could

lose your breath while sleeping at night. Needless to say he never got

much sleep. We all miss him so very much.


Below is a poem that his Mom wrote for him in memory of

his passing. It is with great pleasure that I present it for you

to read. It is my hope that having this page will give Billy's family

the comfort they need when they need a place to go to find solace

in the fact that his long will always go on.


If you would like to contact his Mother you can offer your

condolences and she can pass them on to his wife and family.


See the beautiful poem that Carolyn wrote in Memory

of her son Billy below. A most tender expression of love.


To contact Carolyn click on the link below.


A Loving Memory for "Billy"

God gave us a beautiful son
to love and cherish till our life was done.
So full of life and love to share
to your brothers and sisters beyond compare.

We were so blessed as we watched you grow.
How long we would have you, we did not know.
Before our eyes you became a man
and your life with another soon began.

You gave us four grandchildren, oh so sweet;
that fill our lives with love and laughter, oh so neat.
Each one so different and each one so rare.
With love, hugs and kisses, we knew they were there.

Then one spring day so bright from the sun,
God decided your life here was finally done.
So rest now, our son, until again we meet
with Jesus, our Lord, on the golden street.

Billy, dear son, sleep well.  You are finally
free from pain and problems of this earth.
You will be missed by your family and friends.
We love you.

Mom and Dad

Written by Carolyn Cain
ęCopyright April 6, 2005

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Midi Entitled  "Rain Forest " by Sujin Wonglakorn, Thailand

Obtained From Moose Midi's


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