Time it never slips away

When love is where you are

I see your face and then I know

Your spirit never far


Memories in life we shared

They help to get me through

The love we shared forever blest

With treasures shared of you


I keep you always in my heart

I hold you close to me

You fill my life with memories

That brings love's harmony


Hours spent so long ago

Are treasures that I keep

Holding on with every breath

These feelings go so deep

Thank you for the tenderness

The love I always knew

The hours in our life we shared

My precious times with you


I keep you always in my heart

You fill me with great peace

I  close my eyes and think of you

The joys in life increase


You smile in life is always there

A gift in life I wear

The mirror of your heart belongs

In patterns that I wear


You gave to me such precious gifts

That help me carry on

The precious gift of "Mother's Love"

Which rises with each dawn.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2006


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Midi Entitled "Only Time" By Enya

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