In life the greatest treasure
Of joy that always binds
Within the heart of beauty
Was touched with love so kind

Each petal of a flower
That's soft with velvet's dew
Brings to us the comfort
With memories of you

Our hearts are yours forever
Within our life you stay
For all that you have given
Shall never pass away

Smile so warm and tender
Forever we shall see
Reflected in your glory
That lives on endlessly

Laughter that will echo
Upon each scented breeze
Fills our hearts with wonder
Each day your love received

Within each special garden
With colors soft and warm
Your countenance of beauty
Each day in life belongs

Years that you were with us
Are memories we share
Captured now in treasures
Of love that's always there

Soft the flow of velvet
That falls like misty rain
Clings to us so gently
True love in life remains.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 27, 2002


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