Love Never Fades Away


~ Bernardo Lupo ~
January 1, 1920 ~ October 23, 2000


I know that you are sad now
You think that I am gone
But I am right beside you
Each day you carry on

My wife and gentle woman
No tears I want to see
Our love was very precious
Our life was harmony

The years we spent together
Laughter and the tears
I honor you my darling
With love for all those years

The children that God gave us
The joy in each sunrise
Watching as they grew up
They twinkle in our eyes

Each grandchild was a blessing
Such joy that we could see
To me they are the part of
The best of you and me

There you are my Darling
With tears upon your face
I know that you do miss me
My arm around your waist

I'll walk with you forever
Each step you take I'm there
Love that we have treasured
Our very special prayer

Feel my love surround you
My soul at God's crossway
Our Journey is forever
Love never fades away.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

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