Our Hearts Beat As One





Linda L. Smith
January 10, 1944 ~ November 29, 2001

Although we're not together
You're always by my side
My wife of so much beauty
Within my heart resides

I never thought I'd lose you
I hold you very close
Of all the joy within me
It's you who gave the most

I think of you each morning
When sun is shining bright
I miss you on those rainy days
When we'd cuddle tight

To me you were the reason
I lived and breathed each day
So hard to now imagine
That you have gone away

My heart so filled with sorrow
But one thing you should know
Each day in life without you
Is day that won't let go

So always I imagine
You are at my side
Whispering "I Love You"
It fills my heart with pride

My love of life My Darling
Who kept me safe and warm
Helped me through the hard times
Sheltered me from storms

Because I'll always love you
You're sitting close to me
No matter where I go in life
Our hearts joined endlessly

Two hearts that beat together
Have now become as one
This in life I treasure
Until my time has come

Love that lasts forever
It fills my heart each day
You are always present
The love that always stays.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 12, 2002
Written exclusively for Bud








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By Laura's Midi Heaven

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